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Angelica’s adventure

My English adventure

A short presentation about myself

My name is Angelica Myklebust. I am 17 years old, and i live in Ålesund, Hessa. I am a very outgoing and person and i love to be with my social with my friends. I spend most my weekends with my friends, at the gym or in Ulsteinvik with my niece. I absolutely love children and i can’t wait to have my own, someday.

The reason i chose this subject is because I’ve always been interested in English. Since I was a little girl I’ve always watched “Keeping up with the Karadshians”. I think most people can learn a lot just by watching shows or listening to music. In the following yera i hope to learn better grammatics, new words and hopefully become better at writing.

A subject i am really exited to be learning about is Identity and cultures, because I think all generations need to be more observant of the diffrent cultures in the world. Also over the years it’s been more acceptable to be yourself and I think its really important for everyone to be accepting and embrace that not all people are the same.

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The Kite Runner

I’ve read a few chapters in the Kite Runner, and I want to tell you what I think about the book so far. The book is very interesting and it takes up a lot of importent subjects. I can’t wait to se what happens further in the book. The relationship between Amir and his father has developed since the start of the book and I am exited to see where it’s going to end up. I’m also exited to find out if there is more about Ali and Hassan or if they are gone forever. I haven’t read that far yet so I can’t tell you much about the book yet.

Family sits in the rubble of the house they lost in a 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Haiti.
Haiti children vulnerable to ‘violence, poverty and displacement’

I read the article about the Haiti children and their struggle to basic human rights. I would say that basic rights such as having enough access to water and food is misiing in Haiti. The country is the poorest country in the western hemishpere, and has for a long time struggled with poverty, civil unrest and political and economic instability.

Last month they had an earthquake measured at 7.2 and a tropical storm right after who made the damages worse. A lot of Haitian people tried to cross the border from Mexico ti the US. They were all stopped by the border using force. The UN had to step in and tell the US to turn them away without splitting up families and assesing their migrant situations first. The Haitian people is in need for help. They need food, water, hygiene kits, education and a better place to live. The UN are trying to help the children get protection service and more because these children deserve better.

The sad part about this is that it’s affecting the children so much more than the adults, these children doesn’t have a bright future, a stable financial family or even food on the table some days. This is affecting all of the Haitain people, but it’s also effecting the rest of the world, we all have a responsebility for children all over the world.

Maria Ressa

Maria Angelita Ressa is born October 2nd 1963. She is a Filipino-American journalist and author. She is also the co founder and CEO of Rappler. She has been nominated to the Nobel Peace Prize award along with Dmitrij Murato for their work. They were rewarded the prize “for their effort to safeguard freedom of expression, which is a precondition for democrazy and lasting peace.

Ressa and Muratov receive the award for their efforts for freedom of expression in the Philippines and in Russia. At the same time, they are representatives of journalists who stand up for this ideal in a world where democracy and freedom of the press have increasingly tight conditions.

Index of press freedom

When i first saw the Index of press freedom i was shocked to see Australia that far down on the list. They were placed at number 25, but i thought they would be in the top 15. The reason for that is because I have always viewed Australia as a country where people can speak up and are allowed to express their selves.

Russia was placed as number 150, I thought they would be much further down. In my entire life I’ve always heard that the Russian gouvernment has a lot of power over the rest of the country. I view Russia as a country of regime, where the people are not allowed to talk badly about their gouvernment.

2021 VS 2022, conflict, corona and climate

The video about 2021 is focusing a lot on how the year has impacted the world in regards of geopolitical conflicts, climate changes and covid-19. The video about 2022 is more a prediction on what we can expect will happen as a consequence or an improvement from 2021.

I am mostly intriged to see what will be happening with covid-19. A lot of countries in the world has recived vaccines, but there are several countries that doesn’t have the economy to provide vaccines for their people. They have also struggled to fight covid because their health systems are not the same as in more fortunate countries. This is why they have lost a lot more lives than for example Norway. In the 2022 video we can see Fred Movunyi talking about how Africa is one of the countries that will face economic problems after covid, more war and political conflicts. The UN has also said that over 300 million people will need humanitary aid all over the world, but most of these people will be from Africa. I will be looking forward to see the devolpment of these predictions.

Ukraine and Russia

Ukraine and Russia has been at “war” since 2014. One of the reasons Putin has decided to invade Ukraine is because Ukraine wants to be a member of Nato, wich is an alliance between countries in Europe when it comes to war. Putin doesn’t want to have Nato that close to the borders of Russia. Another reason for the invasion was the Navy base at the Krime island. Putin has several allegations against Ukraine aswell.

Countries all over Europe are sending weapons, money and equipment to Ukraine to help them defend theirselves. The only question is how much can we help until Putin would attack and invade several other countries.

As of right now there is half a million people fleeing from Ukraine. They are trying to get in to the neighbour countries such as Poland. There has been discussed if each country in Europe should take in some refugees. As of right now we can just hope that Putin will stop sooner rather than later. We all know we can be expeting a World War 3.

Guest speakers/guests in the classroom

Visiting scholar Renee Brekke Ebbot, came to our class a while ago. She told us about her life, how she has traveled and visited high school’s in Norway and about her other teaching job in Colarado USA. SHe also talked about water and the access of it in the south of USA. I learned a lot about it and thought it was a great experience. Its something out of the ordinary and you get to hear facts from someone who has seen it up close and who is depending on this resource in ger everyday life. I think it’s always fun to have new people come and talk to the class and it can also be a challenge where us students has to be more active and speak up in class.

To have guest spikers in the classrom is a fun way to change things up a bit but also to learn more i would say. Our teacher could not tell us so much about how the lack of water is effecting the people living there but also show real passion about the subject. Imean there is a chance we would see a youtube video about it but it’s not as much exitment and learning from a video as it is to meet someone who can also relate to the issues we are discussing. Overall i thought it was a great time and i would love to have her back, seems like she got lots of diffrent courses to choose from also.

The Reluctant Fundamentalist

At first i thought the book would be kind of boring because of the language being used. After reading the first five chapters I have really enjoyed the book, i like how the storytime is being told trough Changez and to the american he is having tea with. I also love the fact that there was some love drama involved between Changez and Erica. The only negative thing about the book is how hard som of the words are, because he uses more advanced vocabulary than I’m used to. For example the way he is discribing women in general he is kind of sexist aswell as the words are advances and difficult to understand at first.

I feel like Underwood Sampson is kind of a huge multi millionare company, everyone who works there lives in penthouses and wear suits every day. At the same time I feel like Jay, is kind of hard on Changez because as he said himself Changez is a shark and he is doing a good job for being so young etc. I think maybe Jim is in a way scared of how good Changez is, that Changez might be better than Jim when he gets more experience.

Changez has some sort of love for America, at the same time i feel like i doesn’t belong there. I don’t think he has found his identety yet, he is struggeling to fit in and doesn’t seem to fit in anywhere yet.

There is no coincidence that Erica is short for America. She is supposed to represent America in the book. In the book she is a beatuiful and popular princeton graduate, whom Changez falls in love with. As of now she doesn’t seem to recepicate those feelings most likely because her ex boyfriends death.

I also thought this quote between the two of them were kind of funny: “When my turn came, I said I hoped one day to be the dictator of an Islamic republic with nuclear capability; the other appeared shocked, and I was forced to explain that I had been joking. Erica alone smiled; she seemed to understand my sense of humor.” I think it describes their relationship well. Cause i fell like i don’t quite get the strong feelings but still they haven’t like started dating or shared a kiss or anything like that. So I feel like their relationship is more of a understanding between them than for everyone else to understadn it.

When it comes to the 9/11 attack Changez’s initial reaction is to smile. The Stranger seems disgusted by this information, Changez notes: his fist is clenched. Changez insists that he is no sociopath: he’s sympathetic to the sick and injured, and he donates to the poor. Even he acknowledges that his reaction to 9/11 was unusual, and says that he is still trying to understand it himself. Changez explains that he thought of the attack’s symbolism, rather than its victims. He is pleased that someone has succeeded in attacking the United States. I think his reaction is beyond weird. I don’t understadn how anyone could feel this way about the attacks. I also think this reflects on how Changez is not feeling at home in America.


Write a short film review. Include some information about the film and the devices it uses and give your own opinion on the film. Who would you recommend it to and why?

Belfast is written by Kenneth Branagh in 2021. The movie is based on the life of Branagh. The movie is filmed trough a 9 year old eyes, when the Troubles were going on in Belfast, Northern Ireland. During the riots in August 1969, a gruop of Protestants attack the homes and buisnesses of Chatolics on Buddys street. When realising they are no longer safe in Belfast they move to England.

The language in the movie is kind of hard to understand, and i think that’s why I didn’t understand a lot of what they were saying. I got the main context of the movie but there was a lot of things I didn’t pick up on.

I would probably recommen this movie to students learning about the on going conflict in Northern Ireland, or just learning about any conflicts. I personally would not recommend it as a movie you would watch in your spare time, but that depends on what you prefer.